I have spent more than imaginable time to complain about the minute flaws in a system or organization at home and many other places. Perhaps a sliver from all the hours of my day would be too much to account for the moments I’ve taken to stop and be thankful for something.

We get carried away with all new things that come to us with passing days, and we forget express gratitude for the simplest beauties around us.

When we learn to feel grateful of the present and of the moment, when we learn to be thankful for what we possess and pleasant situations, we begin to curb desires, wants, hatred – the unnecessary and defilements that ruin tranquility of the mind – and in a way, we begin to heal.

Wherever you are and whenever it may be, look around and be thankful for everything you get, from a peaceful sleep and a wonderful family to the support you receive in building your dreams.

Exhale with a smile, you are fortunate and blessed.

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